Founders Trust exists to be a different buyer.


 FT’s Frictionless Acquisition System™: Since 2008, for private companies, Founders Trust has completed each transaction which it has put under Purchase Agreement. 

 FT’s Value Circle™ outlines all the ways in which we are a different buyer, and what this means for owners.


Read more about the Value Circle™ below. 

Key Points of the Value Circle

Certainty of Execution

Keep the employees and management team

Incentivize employees and management team with company ownership

Founder's name and reputation in the community remain strong. No layoffs or drama.

Support the company and give it what it needs to grow

We value wisdom, and we welcome founders to stay on as advisor or another role at this or another company

Our Values are the same, for Founders Trust, and each company, across every sector and location:

  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Give responsibility to good leaders, almost to the point of abdication
  • The Joy of work – it is an honor to be able to work and to serve others
  • Slow and steady growth
  • Stability in every economic environment
  • Create value in the short and long term for everyone we serve
  • Practice stewardship for the nature that loves and supports us so profoundly, from our food to our materials. For every field, every forest, and every stream, leave it healthier than it was before.
  • Never leave a teammate behind – stay to help
  • Time outside of work and with family is sacred, and should not be spent juggling work. Everyone should be free to unplug and be present with their family, and then when we are together as a team, our work will be ten times more efficient.
  • Every employee is given equity in their company, and is incentivized to flourish and to stay for the long term
  • Always focus on solutions, not problems
  • Don’t jump into trends or fads
  • It is rare to be outstanding, but it is only 2 millimeters above the pervasive ‘excellent.’  Honor every client, customer, and colleague, by doing outstanding work, and extending it with positivism, a can-do attitude, and a desire to make their lives better. 
  • Apply intelligence, sincerity, and a desire to bring as much value as possible to those we serve.

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