Founder's trust member

Matt Williamson


Over the past 13 years, Mr. Williamson has personally led over $200 million in acquisitions.

Matt Williamson is the founder of Founders’ Trust. Mr. Williamson leads a team whose senior members have co-led over $4.0 Billion in acquisitions, have a combined 80 years of CEO, Chairman, and C-level experience, are recognized and respected leaders in their fields, and are industry veterans and executives across a variety of relevant sectors.
Founders’ Trust is a direct buyer of companies, not an intermediary.

Mr. Williamson’s purpose is to provide founders with a successful exit for their company, as an important solution and paradigm change, in a broken industry where 95% of companies listed for sale with intermediaries, never sell. The solution to the current broken model is the Founders’ Trust model.

In life, founders are part of the less than 1% of entrepreneurs who succeed and build a company with over $5 million in revenue. Usually they build companies from nothing, bootstrap the company, and are highly focused and successful, and achieve success through tremendous sacrifice and focus. These extraordinary individuals then meet with the terrible final bottleneck, where most fail, at the end of their career, when they should be Acing their transition, their exit, and their succession, and really celebrating.

With Founders’ Trust and our completely new paradigm, founders are able to Ace their succession. Not just a few of them, but all of them.

Before his current acquisitions work, Mr. Williamson was previously an experienced veteran investment banker, and private equity and capital markets expert, and was an integral member of teams in charge of hundreds of millions in investments for insurance companies, institutional investors, and private family offices. He also led his banking team in the sourcing and completion of IPOs on major international markets.

Mr. Williamson understands that the purpose of business is building strong and independent families, and the way they do this is by creating significant value for societies. Strong, independent, intelligent families who are capable in creating business value, create a wealthy, strong, stable, and well-functioning nation. His forthcoming book on family sovereignty, family business, and family succession, is a guide for every family. It is a practical guide for achieving success in family and wealth, in defining what they stand for, and defining their family purpose through the generations. The book is not just the missing link between personal finance and business finance, but it is the ultimate guide in creating personal wealth and converting it to family wealth. And, more importantly, creating a culture and identity.

Mr. Williamson holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics of Finance from Columbia University, New York, where he was awarded two scholarships, and a B.A. in Urban & Regional Development. Mr. Williamson is a frequent speaker and moderator at private equity and real estate conferences.

Mr. Williamson’s day often starts at 4:30 A.M., with a review of strategy and long term objectives, and then gaining momentum and energy for the day at his personal gym.

He is married to the love of his life, they have three children, and they live in a rustic-styled home overlooking a lake and nature. The Matriarch created it from a photo remembered from decades ago, of the Queen’s ski chalet in Switzerland, with its rough-hewn wooden beams and primitive simplicity. The rustic and gentle home makes every day feel like it is a vacation, on which they enjoy their work as a gift, and it underscores the importance of the “Joy of Work” as one of the greatest gifts of life.

They home school their children, who are a few years ahead in school, and who are already running their own businesses. Their home has no televisions whatsoever. They buy grass fed meat and beyond organic food in bulk from local farms, and are starting to see fruits from the backyard permaculture experiments which his wife invented over the summer.

A hearth and fireplace and conversation have replaced the screen. You will not see them at restaurants, bars, parties or events. Their hobbies include thinking and working on strategy, teaching their children critical thinking, business, and the metadata of history, visiting their various wilderness lake properties which are a lot of trouble to get there, or archery or shooting practice at one of their properties, and just most evenings in front of a fire in the fireplace all together.

A reader might say, that is extraordinary, and difficult, but it’s easy and natural: when you have no television or movie screens in your home, what happens is that you end up with a generous abundance of time, of thought, you have feelings of well being, and you do a lot of work, which you are able to enjoy; and you have an abundance of time for creating and doing.

Mr. Williamson is the author of a forthcoming book on family business and succession.