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Sell Your Company & Stay On As A Partner

Take Chips Off The Table

Do What You Love

Grow your Equity

Ready to Sell, But Not Ready to Exit?

Not ready to retire

Tired of going it alone

Don’t want to lose company culture

Owning a company can be overwhelming. Partner with someone who wants your business to succeed as much as you do.

Sell Your Business And Stay On As Partner

You’re already part of the 1% that succeeded in growing your business above $4 million in revenue. Partner with a buyer like Founders Trust and continue to build your legacy.

Founders Trust Buys Companies Up To $450 Million

Find out if your business is eligible

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Your legacy endures and you get the weight of your business off your shoulders

Business Buyer + Business Partner

It is our top priority to:

  • Maintain company culture
  • Close quickly and easily
  • Keep your employees on staff
  • Engage in a genuine partnership

Find Out If You’re Eligible

Sell your company and continue to be part of its success.