Sell and Retire

Sell Your Company & Retire With Confidence


Stress-free retirement

Leave your legacy

Trust your successor

Making Your Exit Shouldn’t Be Risky Business

No clear succession plan

Business runs your life

Feeling stuck in ownership

We believe your company should succeed through your exit and beyond.

Sell Your Business and Retire Well

You’re already part of the 1% that succeeded in growing your business above $4 million in revenue. Now you can be part of the 0.5% that sees your business endure beyond you.

Founders Trust Buys Companies Up To $450 Million

Find out if your business is eligible

Provide a few metrics and we’ll let you know if a deal is doable

Receive an offer

We’ll send you an offer and you tell us if you like it

Close the deal

Your legacy endures and you get the weight of your business off your shoulders

Make Your Exit. Leave Your Mark.

It is our top priority to:

  • Maintain company culture
  • Close quickly and easily
  • Keep your employees on staff
  • Provide a simple transition to retirement

Find Out If You’re Eligible

You don’t have to be stuck in the daily grind. Leave your company knowing it will succeed beyond you. 

Get paid for your hard work and finally enjoy the life you deserve.