Today’s Entrepreneur, The Ultimate Example of The Imitation of Christ’s Life

By Matt Williamson.

1. He only cares about how to deliver value to others. (covenant: Otherwise business dies)

2. He teaches by example, employees and clients. (covenant: Otherwise business dies)

3. He eats last (covenant: otherwise business dies)

4. He performs miracles. Actual miracles. (covenant: otherwise business dies)

5. He sacrifices his life to his mission. (which is point 1 above)

6. He is finally getting crucified by the media as greedy and unfair.

7. He dies in our consciousness, when we believe this libel.

8. He is resurrected every time we want to exchange paper notes for products or services we need to survive.

9. And even so, only a few of them reach the point of recognition for their services. (Only a few meet the heavenly father)