Founders Trust is a private long-term investment group that buys and invests in middle market (up to $450 million) and small strategically selected companies.

In a volatile marketplace, Founders Trust exists to be the Reliable Buyer that completes the transaction. 

“Completion Matters.”

You see it in the news every day.  In 2023, in the Middle Market, 75% of acquisitions fell out of LOI and did not sell, in the U.S. market. 

We believe it should be different.  

Founders Trust is the Reliable Buyer that will complete the transaction.

No seller wants a long and difficult sale process that ends in failure. 

Founders Trust is the Reliable Buyer™ and closes no matter what the economic environment.

“Quality Matters.”

Every seller, if they have a choice, wants that buyer who will treat his company with a view on Relationships and the Long-Term. Rather than a short ‘buy-maximize-sell’ strategy like private equity buyers, or conglomeration and layoffs like strategic buyers. 


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Our team has over 83 years of C-level experience, have served on 25 boards for more than 77 years, and has participated in more than $4 billion acquisitions in total. Each of us possesses robust knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in every facet of acquisitions, and growing stable companies. 

Our team completes acquisitions, on time, in every economic environment. And we are the white knight buyer that founders wish existed: we grow companies in a stable way which benefits employees, customers, founders, and communities, 360 degrees. 

Founder's trust member

Dr. Anthony Tedeschi

Founder's trust member

David A. Smith

Patrick Schiele

Dean Tulumaris

Matt Williamson

Marc B. Powell

Dr. Adam Zehraoui

Robert Wright

Ajay Sathappan

Randall Odzer

We work with investment banks and intermediaries

For business owners who are already ready to sell – and to either retire, or stay on doing only the part that they love, not the parts they hate.

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