Sell Your Company.
Leave a Legacy.

Founders Trust buys companies up to $450 million in revenue and maintains your legacy.

Most Companies Dissolve Or Die

  • 90-95% of companies listed for sale never sell
  • Business gets sold to the competition
  • What business owners spend their lives building disintegrates
We believe you deserve to see your business succeed beyond you.

Founders Trust Buys Companies and Maintains Their Legacy

We focus on the long-term success of each company and preserve your company’s values, team, and independence.

Sell Your Business With Confidence

You’re already part of the 1% that succeeded in growing your business above $4 million in revenue. Now you can be part of the 0.5% that sees your business endure beyond you

Succession – The Final Challenge of Successful People

 Ensure Your Legacy

Find out if your business is eligible

Provide a few metrics and we’ll let you know if a deal is doable

Receive an offer

We’ll send you an offer and you tell us if you like it

Close the deal

Your legacy endures and you get the weight of your business off your shoulders

Make Your Exit. Leave Your Mark.

It is our top priority to:

  • Maintain company culture
  • Close quickly and easily
  • Let you choose how you exit

Meet The Founders

Our board members collectively have served on 25 boards for more than 74 years, have 80 years of C-level experience, and have participated in more than $4 billion acquisitions in total. Our team of industry veterans possesses robust knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, commercial real estate, legal, and accounting.

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Matt Williamson


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Tony Tedeschi


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David A. Smith


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Robert Wright


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Dean Tulumaris


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Marc B. Powell


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Dr. Adam Zehraoui


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Patrick Schiele


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Ajay Sathappan


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Randall Odzer


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Your Legacy Is In Good Hands

Stop carrying the weight of your company by yourself and instead choose an option that provides you with the peace of mind that your business will succeed beyond you.

Sell and retire

Sell and manage

Sell and partner

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Be part of the 10% of top successful founders who are able to win the final challenge by exiting their company.

Sell your company to Founders Trust so it goes to the next stage and continues to fulfill its potential.